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POEA License No.: POEA-206-LB-091916-R

AL MANAF INTERNATIONAL offers wide component professionals and skilled workers, capable and suitable to your specific requirements with proven integrity and leadership. We continuously develop other line of services to complement existing ones.
AL MANAF INTERNATIONAL has modernized its internal work process in view of recruitment and placement of Filipino workers to foreign principals, to meet the increasing demands for production output of business industries.
MISSION: Committed to lasting relationship towards our clients with utmost service and concern by providing most competent, reliable and productive work force in a wide variety of recruitment and deployment for all land based work. We shall remain responsive and supportive at all times.
VISION: To be recognized as a premium recruitment agency in the international market, Leader in providing and deploying globally competitive placement of human resource and services to meet the various requirements in the different sectors.


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CEMENTINA Bldg. Mezzanine Level 160 Arnaiz Ave., Pasay City, Metro Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
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8-274-9312 / 7-748-2845 / 7-748-0952
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